Telescopic Vertical Axis Wind Generator 50W MG4570

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Brand: Jaycar
Product Code: MG4570

Telescopic Vertical Axis Wind Generator 50W 

One of the disadvantages of conventional wind generators is that they occupy a lot of space with spinning blades and large poles. A vertical axis generator addresses this by taking up much less real estate, so can be mounted on a boat, mobile home, caravan or small building. Another advantage is that they are more suitable for areas where the wind direction is variable, as they don't need to be pointed in the wind direction to be effective. The telescopic design means you can fold the generator to half its length when not in use or for high wind speeds, and an LED display give you a readout of output voltage so you know when it's working effectively. Cables, mounting bars and a strong magnetic base are included so this is a complete portable wind generator solution for boating, 4WD, camping, fishing etc.

• Compact design with no spinning blades
• No mounting hardware required
• Not sensitive to wind direction
• Effective with wind speed of 8 - 10m/s
• Includes 2m cables with alligator clips

• Voltage output: 12 - 16VDC
• Current output: 4A max
• Weight: 4.5kg
• Dimensions: 455/655(H) x 280(W) x 150(D)mm